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Everyone knows how much Staples and Office Depot charge for Digital Color Copies that the same file that I Print on the same paper is like night and day!

Plus, I charge $0.149 cents per copy to there Price of $0.49 cents.

Now, if you double my price you are saving yourself or your customer $0.20 cent per copy. and times that by a thousand Color Copies which is a small order! you saved yourself $350 dollars. I charge $150. they charge $420-$490 or more if you want coated paper and then my price chart is simple

I print you a free proof that your customer will recieve from the PDF file.

your customer will compare our copy to the one he or she has and I already know that ours is better and you made $150 dollars profit by charging $299.00 saving the customer $200+ or - a few dollars. Now, how about tri-folding and all sorts or bindery that we have inhouse. It takes about 5 minutes to tri-fold 1000 sheets and i only charge $10.00 dolllars and they charge $40.00. plus they have to send those orders out and takes 5-7 working days, I can Print 1000,  40 page catalogs that are collated, folded, saddle stitched and final trim with a click of a mouse. Also, your PDF file and our on Demand Digital Capabilities with inline bindery for catalogs, Newsletters. anything that is saddle stitched and my niche is 55+ adult communities that most print a monthly newsletter. My Families print shop is located in Fort Lauderdale, Fl.

I have myself when working for my parents - which drove me fucking nuts. got almost every Newsletter in Boca Raton, Delray Beach, and Boynton Beach

If you got 20 accounts which is nothing compared to the 200+ we print monthly just in South Florida. lots of rich retirement communities out there and you own that account and a steady monthly check for doing nothing once you get the Newsletter. Of course you should always keep in touch with your account once a month a take the nice old lady out to lunch and gift certificates work wonders. 

Call me at 954-263-9358

Richard Martin

Up The Irons